A little about myself.

  The one who knows me, is aware that this is not the real me, I'm not the kind of person who'd like to be in the center. I prefer to stay in the background,do my thing, work quietly. It is true that I'm proud of my work. I've been building and repairing bikes for more than 25years and I am feeling lucky, because day by day I enjoy my job more and more. My name is Zoltán Kovács,  friends call me JOE. I was born in Hungary east from New York and North from the Congo Plain in the year 1972.

In my earliest memories still there is a vintage black and white TV show about bicycles on national TV.The whole show's summary was: „Man buy two wheels, connect them with each others with a metal tube and make sure that the front set can be movable, so we can drive it. In my early years I“ had discovered the mechanic inside me.

I've started repair the cycles of the local seniors when I was 12-13 years old, for „pocket“ money. Soon news were spread and more locals came for help, to repair a rear hub, or replacing the tires etc. Well, I can say without any exaggeration, that there's nothing what surprises me when I work with bikes, but I also very critical on this subject as well. In the early 90s when mountain bikes came out, they made a lot of headache for the old timers.

So we had to adapt. Be more open- minded, follow the new trends which came out in a weekly basis. We had to do our research as well, it wasn't enough just work hard and covered in oil from head to toe. Baron Friedrich Drais von Sauerbronn died in 1851. Basically he invented the bicycle. He has all my respect for that wonderful deed. But of course that's not why I'm crazy for cycles, but I' have not invented anything yet but I try to show some respect who Had. Here I'm going to show some old and some special pieces from my collection  which meant a lot to me.

Many person looking for me for individual demands, which was quite a challenge some times. But this is the beauty of this profession. I've already made many cycles throughout the country.So I don't really know what to do myself in this website but firstly I would like to show my collection, which is bit smaller today than was in the past. I also would like to help in the most important thing: to purchase a bicycle.  I gladly give advice to build, or how to do the setups.  If you need some further wisdom please do not hesitate to contact me.

I'm an average person. „I'm pushing the cybernetic organism.  Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton“ .  I' interested in the astronomy, but because of the visibility I need blink a lot to see the big bear's body number. It's AF- something that's for sure.